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Looking for amateur theatre in Campbell River? Rivercity Players is a community theatre group, putting on plays and other productions since 1960.

In 2012, we were given a huge gift by our landlord Michele Woodrow, who bequeathed us our clubhouse, now Rivercity Stage. With this, and the generous support from our sponsors, donors, members and grants, we have done major renovations, including installing a sprinkler fire suppression system. We also owe special thanks to supporters of individual productions.

Along with being able to stage our own events, on our own schedule, we are now also able to rent out the Rivercity Stage for performances by other groups or as an auditorium for seminars, etc.

Upcoming Events

There is usually lots going on at Rivercity Stage (we take a break for a week or two after a production, and we normally don't have a major play during the summer).

What the audience sees during a play is just the tip of the iceberg. Rehearsals, costuming, props, set construction and painting, lighting and sound, can take many weeks to fine tune.

While this is going on, future plays have to be identified and planned for.

Board Meetings set the future path of Rivercity Stage, determine finances and meet the administrative needs for a non-profit.

Small performances and other events have to be scheduled and prepared for.