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The History of Rivercity Players (originally Campbell River Players Club)

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We are attempting to reconstruct our history. Many people have donated their memories, and often materials for us to scan and post for both our general history and our production history. If you can assist, please contact us.

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References to History are part of our general archives which are listed by season. Under each historical entry, we have included (if possible) the season and article used as reference. If the reference is not linked, you will need to check the season and article name, then click here to access our complete season's archives to view the reference.

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1960, February - first mention of Campbell River Players Club in newspaper. President was Naomi Dierden.  Mr. Ray Chalk selected as director for "Brothers in Arms". Mr. Kevin Kinlin also selected as director for play still to be chosen. Meetings were held at Mrs. Jean Sommers home.
- 1960\March 60  Brothers In Arms\First Press - will do Brothers in Arms

Our production archive has 6 productions between the two seasons 1960 and 1960-1961, plus one in 1961-1962, and two in 1963-1964. There may have been other productions during that time, plus productions during the next few years, but other than some unclear references in newspaper articles, we have no actual records of other productions until 1968.

1968 - club had been inactive for a number of years (performed "Separate Tables" at start of renewal) .
- 1970-1971\Theatre Coming to Life After Shakey Beginnings

In the early 70's the club bought half an old building from a site near the current Windsor Mill Sales and moved it to the Hellena's as a rehearsal space.
- John Godfrey

During part of the 70's, rehearsals were done in Sandra Hellena's(sic) barn/shed.  Performances were done at local schools, as there was no performance stage in Campbell River at that time.  The club did a number of pub nights and the like to pay for performance space rentals.
- Anne Young

1974 to 1978 - Campbell River Players becomes Campbell River Performing Arts club.
-1973-1974 \Zone 1974 Program - uses old name while  while next entry, 1977-1978\Zone 1978 Program - uses new name

1986 - Campbell River Performing Arts Club becomes Rivercity Players.
-1986-1987\Nov 86 - Return of the Maniac\Rivercity (formerly CR Performing  Arts Club)

1987 - Tidemark Grand Opening  in November.  Rivercity was heavily involved in the conversion, and it allowed the club to produce their plays in an actual theatre. (Until this time, productions had been done at various local schools and other venues.)
- 1987-1988\Tidemark Grand Opening program

1990 - Rivercity's new Logo (done by Lorna Pennock).
-1990-1991\Oct 90 - Night Watch\Night Watch Program 1990

1992, June - Mainstage held in Campbell River, back when mainstage was hosted by alternating clubs.
-1991-1992\June 92 - Mainstage held in Campbell River\Mainstage 1992 (compressed) High Resolution version (57 megs) also in that folder

1995,  Sept 28   Rivercity founding member Donna Lamb passes away at age 63.
- 1995-1996\Who was Donna Lamb

2002, March - first mention of 1080 Hemlock as clubhouse.  (Last reference to clubhouse was in Nov 00. Run for your Wife program had 1401-C Maple as clubhouse.)
- 2001-2002\Mar 02\Arsenic and Old Lace Program

Article on history of Rivercity (Lynne and John Godfrey, Anne Young, Penny Liebel)
- 2007-2008\The play's the thing for 40 years

2012, November - Clubhouse on Hemlock donated to Rivercity players. This was a huge gift from our landlady Michele Woodrow, which allowed the club to undertake the required work to become a performance stage.
- 2012-2013\Building donated to theatre group

2012-2014 - The renovations begin, with removal of Nautilus Gym era sauna, showers and change rooms, which are replaced with washrooms and storage. A fire exit corridor is included in the arrangement, and fire doors are installed to meet building code. The furnace is moved out of seating area. A permanent tech booth is built at the rear of the seating area, and seating aisles are widened to meet fire regulations. The large office at the front of the building is divided in two, to create Green room and a smaller office space. Many other upgrades were also done. Many groups assisted with generous donations.
- 2012-2013 Newspaper articles.
- 2013-2014 More Newspaper articles.
- 2013-2014\The Hemlock Affair video trailer

2014 September 23 - Receive final building occupancy approval after installation and testing of sprinkler system. (With most updates completed, we were permitted to operate with special safety precautions in place until the sprinkler system was completed.)