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We need many skill sets to make Rivercity work. If you have some time, we'd love to hear from you.

If you have no theatre experience we would be happy to provide training. Most of the training is done by "shadowing" one of our experienced people through the process of putting on a play. We also have access to workshops and other training sessions and materials. Many of our members move between roles, sometimes directing, sometimes acting, sometimes backstage, sometimes on the Board, etc. So there is lots of knowledge available to you.

You should be aware that there can be a significant time commitment for a play. Rehearsals may be three times a week for up to twelve weeks for the director and actors. Set construction, props, costumes, and others may also take several weeks or more, however these functions may be shared by a number of people, so any time you can contribute would be welcome.


Dream to tread the boards? Actors are always needed. If you are have never acted before we can help you learn.


Always wanted to do a play your way, with your vision of how it should look and run? The director is responsible  for the artistic direction of the play. The director auditions and selects the cast, determines  the rehearsal schedule, collaborates  with designers on costumes, set, props, lighting and sound, and contributes  ideas for posters and programs. The director has final approval on every component of the production. If you wish to direct a play, you will need to submit a Play Submission form, (PDF here) so we can determine that we can accommodate you.


The person responsible  for the overall management of a production. The producer must supervise  the budget, ensure all deadlines are met, and ensure that the team functions smoothly.

Stage Manager

The person responsible  for managing the stage and rehearsal area. In rehearsal  the stage manager organizes  the business of the rehearsal such as schedules, actors call times, blocking notes, discipline, and liaising with the producer and the production team. In performances, the stage manager oversees the running of the show.

Assistant Stage Manager ("ASM")

Takes direction from the stage manager, but is generally in charge of backstage organization, such as props, costumes, actors standby calls, etc.

Properties Manager ("Props")

As directed by the stage manager, gathers all necessary props for rehearsal and performance  schedules. There are deadlines to meet to have these props available. These deadlines are very important and must be met. Props are objects which the actors handle onstage such as teacups,  letters, books, etc. They are also personal props used by individual actors, such as eyeglasses,  lipstick, etc. Sometimes  the properties manager will be responsible for setting up the props tables backstage if there is no assistant stage manager. Approval of all props will come from the director. Props person ensures that all borrowed props are returned promptly when the production  is over.

Costumes Manager

As directed by the stage manager, gathers all the costumes  to be worn by the actors. Again, deadlines will be important for costume inspection, and approval of all costumes will come from the director. The costumer will ensure that all costumes  that are borrowed are returned promptly when the production is over.

Hair and Makeup

As directed by the stage manager, the person(s) responsible for hair and makeup will be available for a "practice" session, and will then be available to do hair and makeup for all performances, including dress rehearsal and preview show.


As directed by the producer, this person is responsible for all the press releases, promotional material, such as posters and programs, and scheduling  interviews for radio or TV.

Set Designer

In collaboration  with the director and producer, this person designs the set.

Set Construction

One person is responsible for organizing a crew to build and paint the set, move it to another theatre, if necessary (such as for Festival and Mainstage) and move it back to Rivercity Stage on completion of the production.

Sound Designer/Sound Operator

One or more people must design the sound, in collaboration with the director, ensuring  that the design is completed according to the stage manager's schedule. The sound operator must be available to operate the sound cues for all technical rehearsals and all performances.

Lighting Designer/Lighting Operator

In collaboration with the director, the lighting designer creates the lighting for the show. The operator must be available for all technical rehearsals and all performances.

Set Dresser

This person organizes the gathering together of the furniture and wall hangings and other items needed for the set after construction is complete. The set dressing items are usually brought to the theatre during the technical rehearsals. The director has final approval of all set dressing items.

Front of House

This person organizes ticket takers, ushers, servers and others as required for each of the shows.

Board Director

We need people with management and/or accounting skills for the Board.

Work Crew

While not on the official list, a group of us meet Thursdays, down at Rivercity Stage, from 10-3 when set constuction is needed. We are always looking for some help.